Bio of Marie-France Dayan: Successful Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Real Estate Investor, and Feng Shui Practitioner

Marie-France Dayan is a Successful Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Real Estate Investor, and Feng Shei Practitioner
Marie-France Dayan is a Successful Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Real Estate Investor, and Feng Shei Practitioner

Marie-France Dayan is not the type of successful entrepreneur who is easily categorized or pigeonholed in a biographical snapshot. Her professional life is best characterized as that of a multi-talented expert who detects diverse opportunities and successfully seizes them where and when they arise.

Often referred to as The Zen Coach, her dedication to Feng Shui, combined with her natural mentoring skills, have allowed her to coach dozens of fellow business owners and entrepreneurs on ways to live a more financially rewarding, fulfilling, and globally minded life.

Marie-France Dayan specializes in four core areas: finances and career; fitness and health; faith; and family and relationships. While her training and life experiences are divergent, she successfully synthesizes her varied knowledge into a unique, yet cohesive coaching approach.

“Creating a better life comes from making greater choices that empower us to move toward what we want to live,” she regularly reminds her clients.

Her own life’s journey has provided Marie-France Dayan a unique set of skills that led her to excellence in real estate investing. Since 2005, she has operated her own company focused on the acquisition of investment properties worldwide. Among her notable accomplishments have been the creation and development of sustainable communities in South and Central America.

Real estate investing and financing can be unforgiving. For those without exceptional skills and fortitude, the risks are great and the environment harsh. But Marie-France Dayan has mastered the complexities of global property investment.

She expanded her real estate business services by adding a commercial financing division that assists developers who require private financing, as well as a real estate marketing division that promotes development projects to international investors.

One important lesson that Marie-France Dayan has learned from her real estate experience is the power of group purchasing, as well as the satisfying flow of passive income that is generated by successful property investment. She now shares those insights and opportunities with her clients.

Marie-France Dayan began her career on a conventional business fast track. She received her Masters in Business Administration from San Francisco State University and entered the corporate world. For eight years, she worked as director of business development for an international corporation based in the United States.

Seeking a greater sense of personal peace and culmination, Marie-France Dayan took the risk of leaving her secure corporate position to pursue the education and training necessary to become a Feng Shui Practitioner. Ever since, she has been helping others to achieve the same sense of balance, wellness, and abundance in their work environments and their lives.

“Anyone having Marie-France Dayan as a coach will find a true spirit guide,” says Simone C., one of her clients. “Her success as a businesswoman only adds to the solid foundation she offers as truly a Zen coach.”

Jeffrey E., another client, recalls, “I didn’t know what to expect…but in the end I felt a renewed energy and clarity on my life’s vision.”

Marie-France Dayan is a much-in-demand teacher, guest speaker, and mentor. She challenges business owners to think unconventionally. Her method includes asking entrepreneurs to seek something larger than themselves: to follow a path of greater purpose and contribution to mankind.

Time and again, Marie-France Dayan has helped business owners discover or rediscover their life’s passion, as well as self-love. With her assistance, the boundaries that block their path to fulfillment melt away. The inevitable byproduct is true financial success and freedom.

Marie-France Dayan currently lives in Montreal, Canada. She was born in Corsica and grew up in Marseille and Nice, France.


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