Bio of Ran Poliakine, Successful Israeli Inventor, Entrepreneur, and Founder of Powermat Technologies

The rise of Israeli’s high-technology sector has been described as nothing less than miraculous.

Tiny in landmass and population, and short on natural resources, Israel has relied on human capital – intellect, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial daring – to propel the nation to the leading edge of worldwide technological, medical and science advancements.

Ran Poliakine, an inventor and founder of Powermat Technologies, embodies all the characteristics that comprise the best human capital, as well as the extraordinary vision that Israel’s former president, Shimon Peres, referred to when he wrote in the introduction to Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle:

“To become an ‘expert’ on the future, vision must replace experience.”

Bio of Ran Poliakine
Ran Poliakine is the founder and vice chairman of Powermat Technologies – wireless charging solutions

In his case, Ran Poliakine has been blessed with an abundance of both: vision and experience.

Ran Poliakine gave rise to the wireless power industry when he launched Powermat in 2007. Today, its ripples are visible around the world, where consumers from San Francisco to London are able to cut the chord and conveniently charge their smartphones and tablets wirelessly at coffeehouses, restaurants, airports, and even in their cars and trucks.

Soon, wireless charging will be ubiquitous in the home and workplace as well, with kitchen appliances, televisions, desktop computers, and a wide variety of office equipment receiving their power chord-free.

Experts estimate that the wireless power industry that Ran Poliakine seeded will grow to $15 billion in annual sales by 2020.

Until December 2014, Ran Poliakine served as Chairman and CEO of Powermat. He continues with the company as vice chairman and a member of the board of directors.

Ran Poliakine came to Powermat after having helped launch and run several companies in the fields of consumer electronics, media and medicine. He is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

“Ran Poliakine’s vision and execution created a world-class industry where none existed before,” says Thorsten Heins, currently chairman and CEO of Powermat. Heins previously served as CTO of Siemens Communications, and CEO & President of BlackBerry.

Ran Poliakine’s technology has been adopted by such Blue Chip business giants as Duracell, Starbucks, AT&T, General Motors, and McDonalds. Along with Powermat, Procter & Gamble co-founded the Power Matters Alliance in March 2012. Other PMA members include Delphi, DuPont, Flextronics, HTC, LG Electronics, Microsoft, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, and Texas Instruments.

During Ran Poliakine’s tenure, Powermat raised $250 million in financing and reached a valuation of $500 million, according to financial news reports.

In the San Francisco Bay area alone, about 200 Starbucks coffee shops are already featuring Powermat’s wireless charging. Starbucks has announced its intention to rollout the Powermat technology throughout its U.S. locations.

Among his many skills as a serial entrepreneur and corporate leader, Ran Poliakine excels at product development, product management, strategic partnerships, leadership, venture capital, and product marketing.

He and his wife have five children.



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